you are welcome You only write the lyrics, and we give you ... The Beat ! / The Instrumental / The Music!
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Newly put songs!
Dance [Afro]
Let's rap [Old School]

Do you want to write a song but you just need beats?

Do you want to upload your video online with your special music?

Do you want to produce a movie but you need some accompanying music?

Your company/school needs its own song?

Your radio program needs a special introducing and concluding music?

Studio Welcome

Many people have talents. They want to create their own songs and they really can, but they don't have enough time to spend in studios to arrange the instrumental/beats for their music. We are here to bring you that instrumental/beat from different tastes. You can use our beats/instrumentals to create your own lyrics and produce your own songs, use them in your videos or films as well as in your radio broadcasts. Your institution can as well order some music from our studio.

The content of your lyrics will be under your sole responsibility.

Our collaborators

Dr. J.P. Dukuze
Dr. J.P. Dukuze
Mr. StevenMr. Steven
Composer, guitarist

Mr. Seven BroMr. Seven Brothers
Composer, singer,guitarist
Ms. Liu CanMs. Can Liu
Composer, Singer, pianist
Mr. EkbarMr. Ekbar
Singer, guitarist, drummer
Mr. AnvarMr Anvar
Singer, Guitarist