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Do you want to write a song but you just need beats?

Do you want to upload your video online with your special music?

Do you want to produce a movie but you need some accompanying music?

Your company/school needs its own anthem?

Your radio program needs a special introducing and concluding music?


Q0. Can you make an instrumental like in the song "Where is the Love" by William Adams, Justin Timberlake et al.?

So easy!

That's the easiest way you can order a song from our studio. We say yes and we produce an instrumental like the first free instrumentals in our studio.

Q1. How to buy a beat from your site?

So easy!

1. Choose the beats you are interested in
2. Give us your e-mail then click on Submit
3. Check the price and pay
The beats will be sent into your mail box.

Q2. What can I do with the beat I buy from you?

The beat you buy from us becomes yours. You can do whatever you want with it: cut, add more instruments, put it into your video, change the title... all the rights are yours, you can only give us credit as the creator of the original work.

Q3. How can I give you credits?

This would be easy when you produce a video with our music. Just write: Original music by: Love and Peace Studio.

Q4. Can other people buy the same music I already bought from you?

Yes! If you love it and want to make it your own and prevent others from buying it, you will need to pay it as "self". It means that you will pay it ten times the "shared" price. This means you will pay 300 for a beat that costs 30. You will first have to contact us so that we take it from "for sale" list.

Q5. Can I resell the beat I bought from you?

Yes, but you will first have to pay it as "self" and remember the creator credits must always be of "Love and Peace Studio"

Q6. May I ask why your beats are so affordable?

Enjoy then!

Q7. How can I record my music after buying your instrumental?

You will take it to a recording studio.

Q8. What is the difference between mvw and mp3?

Well, mvw is heavier than mp3. mp3 files are less in size making them easy to download and easy to share with friends. mvw are bigger in size but they have better quality.

Q9. So when should I choose mvw or mp3?

If you want to record a professional song you should use mvw. But if you just want to listen and share, or you are a teacher who wants to find a beat for your students to train them on how to adapt lyrics to a beat, then go for mp3.
You would choose mp3 also if your disc is small but you want more songs, as mp3 will occupy less space on your disc.

Q10. Do I need to provide you with my names and address to buy an instrumental?

It's optional to give us your names and address, however, your email is required as that's where we will send the songs.

Q11. What if I need more info?

Feel free to directly call:

Dr. Jean Paul Dukuzumuremyi
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